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Place Longueuil

825 Saint-Laurent ouest, Longueuil, Qc

Thursday, April 274pm-10pm
Friday, April 284pm-11pm
Saturday, April 2912pm-11pm
Sunday, April 3012pm-10pm
Wednesday, May 35pm-10pm
Thursday, May 44pm-10pm

Carrefour Angrignon

7077 boulevard Newman, LaSalle, Qc

Thursday, May 44pm-10pm
Friday, May 54pm-11pm
Saturday, May 612pm-11pm
Sunday, May 712pm-10pm
Wednesday, May 105pm-10pm
Thursday, May 114pm-10pm

Place Vertu

3131 boulevard Cote-Vertu Ouest, Montréal, Qc

Thursday, May 184pm-10pm
Friday, May 194pm-11pm
Saturday, May 2012pm-11pm
Sunday, May 2112pm-10pm
Monday, May 2212pm-10pm
Wednesday, May 245pm-10pm

Premium Outlets Mirabel

19001 chemin Notre Dame, Mirabel, Québec

Thursday, June 14pm-10pm
Friday, June 24pm-11pm
Saturday, June 312pm-11pm
Sunday, June 412pm-10pm
Wednesday, June 75pm-10pm
Thursday, June 84pm-10pm

Galeries Lachine

2760 rue Remembrance, Lachine, QC

Thursday, June 14pm-10pm
Friday, June 24pm-11pm
Saturday, June 312pm-11pm
Sunday, June 412pm-6pm

Galeries Joliette – Maxi

909 boul. Firestone, Joliette, Québec

Thursday, June 84pm-10pm
Friday, June 94pm-11pm
Saturday, June 1012pm-11pm
Sunday, June 1112pm-10pm
Wednesday, June 145pm-10pm
Thursday, June 154pm-10pm

Centre Laval

1600 Boul. Le Corbusier, Laval, QC

Thursday, June 224pm-10pm
Friday, June 231pm-11pm
Saturday, June 2412pm-11pm
Sunday, June 2512pm-10pm
Wednesday, June 285pm-10pm
Thursday, June 294pm-10pm


510 rue Saint-Isidore, Saint-Lin-Laurentides, Quebec

Thursday, June 221pm-11pm
Friday, June 231pm-12am
Saturday, June 2412pm-11pm
Sunday, June 2512pm-5pm


13665 boul. de Pierrefonds, Pierrefonds, QC

Wednesday, June 285pm-10pm
Thursday, June 291pm-10pm
Friday, June 301pm-11pm
Saturday, July 112pm-11pm
Sunday, July 212pm-6pm


331 Rang Bas Achigan, L'Epiphanie, Québec

Thursday, July 64pm-10pm
Friday, July 712pm-11pm
Saturday, July 812pm-11pm
Sunday, July 912pm-5pm

Expo Lachute Fair

80 Av. Hamford, Lachute, Quebec

Thursday, July 134pm-10pm
Friday, July 1412pm-11pm
Saturday, July 1512pm-12am
Sunday, July 1612pm-5pm


530 Charles-Auguste Montreuil, Saint-André-Avellin, Québec

Thursday, July 201pm-11pm
Friday, July 211pm-11pm
Saturday, July 2212pm-11pm
Sunday, July 2312pm-6pm

Expo Saint-Hyacinthe

2670 av. Beauparlant, Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec

Thursday, July 2712pm-12am
Friday, July 2812pm-12am
Saturday, July 2912pm-12am
Sunday, July 3012pm-12am
Monday, July 3112pm-12am
Tuesday, August 112pm-12am



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